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PostSubject: Well..................   Tue Jun 05, 2007 10:46 pm

For the record let me start by saying this "Me personally dont see anything with trading and can be a lucrative business for anybody involved." This statement proves true to most traders out there because of the fact that it works if the right methods are applied, Incognito traderz is just a branch off or a step up from the one - on - one trading and dealing. Not saying we are the only ones doing this but i want to strive to be the best at everything i do......

Now trading is simple my definition would be giving something to receive something. Companies do this all the time, giving us rewards for showing thier products and services to other people. Wether it be from affiliate advertising, pay per click, traffic generators etc; they all look to make a profit somewhere. So thats where ref trading comes in we take those offers from companies and try them out for thier trial programs (something like renting a game and playing before you buy it).

Now we show this to others and duplicate what the company does we show people to the sites that we have already done and give them money for being a ref to you in turn you are going to receive a reward for having them as a ref..........pretty simple right????

Now Inner Circle Trading is that but on a bigger scale we are going to house 1 team of 15 for the first circle, after our pot has reached 1500 - 2000 dollars we then expand into a second circle.

So no i dont think it is illegal companies offer the free rewards and we provide them with the people to look at what they have to offer.
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